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Hayden Acres is a local, family-run horse farm that started with a desire to help others. Through experience and extensive education earned through equine school in Ocala, FL the farm began. It is my mission to improve the quality of life of children and adults with various diagnoses with the help of our incredible horses with equine assisted activities and therapy programs.

If you love spending time outdoors partaking in activities that can suit your entire family, you’ll simply love all that Hayden Acres has to offer. At the farm we will offer horse boarding and training though our focus is equine assisted therapy. We will partner our trained horses with persons of different abilities in order to improve their mental health and well-being. Abilities can vary from autism, post traumatic stress, anxiety, ADHD, paralysis, depression, etc. we are here to help no matter the situation.

We will host a bunch of fun activities that take place throughout the year. Come visit us with your family for a day of fun at Hayden Acres.

About Us: Our Farm
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