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Instructors use the movement of the horse as an additional therapy tool to help clients reach their goals. The combination of traditional therapy paired with the movement of the horse can result in improvement in motor coordination, muscle tone, postural alignment, stiffness/flexibility, gross and fine motor skills, and strength. Improvement can also be made in respiratory control, cognitive and sensory processing, and speech, language control. We often see clients ride with big smiles, have an increase in self-confidence, and develop a special bond with their horses. Weekly availability, can set appointments as far as 2-months in advance so all arrangements can be accommodated for.

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Donate to the mission; Donations go towards improvements of the barn, fencing, horse adoptions, training, and daily care.


Training, breaking and colt starting are offered on the farm. Utilizing natural horsemanship which is a gentler method that the horses respond to positively.


We offer our customers lessons beginning with horse husbandry, leading into groundwork and beginning rider, intermediate, and expert.

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